Managing your own business is a beautiful thing, but understanding your finances and calculating your expenses vs profit can be challenging at any stage. Our favorite tool, Currō allows you to connect your social accounts and create rates based on factors specific to your actual engagement and impressions so you can always maximize your income.

Recently, Curro created a Budget tab to help you manage your Creator finances at a glance. Analyzing your business funnel is the only way to truly forecast your success rates and create realistic financial goals and they’ve got the tool to help.

The new Budget tool allows you to:

  • Enter a campaign proposal from start to finish

  • Include starting points such as your proposal rate, expenses and due dates

  • Change the status of your campaign at each stage and input differences between the price you pitched vs what price was accepted (this is important to note trends in what you pitch vs what you secure) and when the payments are due

  • Cumulative analyzation of your Planned Revenue vs Actual Revenue, Expenses and PROFIT.

Anyone can be their own boss but mastering your business from the inside is the key success!

The platform is completely free and one of our favorite tools!

Alyssa MelendezComment