K guys, attaching a media kit to an email is so last year! 

Your brand, your blog is a business so you should always do everything you can to come off as professional as possible & being strategic about presenting your media kit is one way to do that.

Brands receive tons and tons of media kits each day. They are giant PDF files that clog up their inbox flow and honestly, they don't typically give any information that isn't right on your Instagram page / blo / youtube channel etc.

So how can you be strategic about your media kit?

Two ways!

+ Embed your media kit into a page in your website

Let's face it, the reason you send a media kit is because you want a job, right? You put all this hard work into building your website & social channels only to lead the people away from it?

Instead of sending an outreach email with something like "attached you'll find my media kit for your review... bla bla" you can embed your media kit into a page in your website and write something like "To view my media kit & stats, click here or type <insert URL> into your browser".

How does this help you? First, the brand is probably excited they didn't have to download a large file, you'll look super efficient and savvy and, most importantly, you've just led them to the bread and butter of your business!

Your website is like your digital resume... use it!

Here is how mine looks to give you guys an example - www.thehautebrunette.com/p/media-kit.html

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+ Make your media kit interactive

Media kits are such a bore, I mean seriously they are. There is nothing exciting about them, so lead brands to what makes you, you by adding links. Below I embedded my media kit so you can see. On the first page, you can click through "view style" etc. to view different categories of content on my site or heading to the homepage by clicking "read more". 

Give them the tools to very easily see what they need to see in order to determine wether or not they want to work with you. An media kit with no links takes them longer to locate your work and can easily result in overlooking a partnership. Time is money!

Most importantly, I've added a section where brands can read my recent work. When they click "blog collaborations" they'll reach a set of written posts that are collaborations so they can get a feel of what to expect from me. If they click "Instagram collaborations" they'll be led to a special hashtag that I created to capture all of my sponsored Instagram posts.

To learn more about creating a special hashtag for your posts check out - 

If you ever need help with anything, don't be afraid to reach out! Hope this helps you guys out! Again, if you are in need of mentoring services, click below!