Hey guys! It's been my mission from day one to create ways to make your brands a major success.

In this saturated market, standing out is your best shot at landing those dream sponsorships. There are many ways, and some day we'll get to all of them, to separate yourself from the herd but today, let's chat about your media kit.

Before we get to the point, there is an overlying theme to this tip... 

Never make it hard for a brand to contact you & reach you. Remember, the influencer market is overflowing with content. If a brand has a hard time getting in touch or communicating with you, they'll move onto the next in a split second. For brands, outreach is extremely time consuming, tedious and ridiculously expensive. Make their job easier for them & you'll already be a top pick for a sponsorship.

We'll get into that more at a later time, but today we'll focus on creating an Instagram hashtag for your media kit.

Instagram is one of the most common platforms that brands want to collaborate on. With the rising issues on this platform - fake followers, comment pods, shadow banning and an algorithm no one really understands - brands are not just looking at your follower count.

They are digging deep & if they can't get a good read on what you have to offer, they will move on to the next.

What you can do to help them identify your work is to create a special hashtag and add it in the caption to posts that are sponsored.


For The Haute Brunette, I created #thbxcollab to identify paid sponsorships I've worked on. Now, when I reach out to a brand they can view my Instagram work all in one place here...  https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/thbxcollab/ 

More importantly, I added the link to the bottom of my media kit so they can view work from there!

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