Muses can be used many ways for influencers. Users can earn money, create / join groups to meet people, grow your brand, and even create your own campaigns to work with other influencers. This app includes a ton of community benefits in addition to earning money on campaigns! Payments are processed directly from the brand within the app, so you are always paid as soon as your content is approved.


This is another great app for finding collaborations. Influencers looking for a very simple and straight forward platform for collaborations, this is the one! Unlike Muses, it lacks community features like groups and chats but we know that’s not for everyone! Users can filter between paid and unpaid campaigns very easily, send a pitch + rates, let brands know which platforms / how many posts are included in your campaign and wait for approval. Super basic and efficient!


Octoly is GREAT for many reasons. Influencers can choose products from the Octoly store in exchange for content. Brands like Givenchy, YSL, Dior, Estee Lauder and many, many more. I’m sure you’re thinking, you need more free products like you need a hole in the head. HOWEVER, this is an incredible way to push content to your audience constantly without sinking your own cash into new products & taking time to email brands. Users can choose multiple products at a time and once the content is live, you can shop for more immediately. Octoly is very lenient on how you present the products, they do not need to be dedicated posts & some products are eligible for Insta-stories only. For example, you can post something like “top 3 concealers” or “5 favorite highlighters” - stuff people really want to hear about often, without the fuss!


Insense is a really easy to use app for both brands and influencers. Once logged in, collaboration opportunities will pop up in the notifications section or users can simply pitch brands and get paid as soon as the content is posted and approved. We LOVE how fast you can get paid with Insense - no waiting 30 - 90 days for payment.


If you don’t have a digital media kit, you are missing out! It is the most efficient way to display your data with basically zero upkeep. Let’s be honest, updating a PDF format is a waste of your limited and valuable time. Once users connect their social accounts and update past collaborations and rates, the information is updated automatically. The only items that require updates from time to time are collaboration experience and rates. Additionally, brands are able to sign up for this platform to scout talent so, while you’re are streamlining your business, you’re also getting the chance to be hired for campaigns internally.

TIP: keep the link to your media kit in the signature of your email address so brands can always see and refer back to your stats.