As per the guide, we tell you adding this list to an email program such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact is forbidden but we know sending hundreds of emails is incredibly daunting as well!

However, Mail Merge programs are perfectly acceptable because it allows you to send at a mass scale, through your own inbox and takes less than 10 minutes.

The program we use is called GMASS for GMAIL. All you need is a gmail or g-suite account to connect to and send your fashion week invites with just a few clicks. The 3rd party service does cost $12 but trust us, it’s the best $12 you’ll ever spend and it’s an incredible program to use when sending out agency intros, brand intros and follow-ups outside of Fashion Week.

Alyssa sat down and recorded a 10 minute video on how to use the program and, through the ten minutes it took her to explain how to use it, it only took her 4 minutes to send 345 fashion week requests.

Watch the video here:

This service is tailored to individuals that are sending their Fashion Week outreach on their own but need some help with their mail merge program, GPS or any other outreach related issues. Individuals should purchase their list before booking this service. This can also be purchased to discuss general questions on mail merge with lists they already have.

You will have up to 45 minutes with THB Founder, Alyssa.

This will be over the phone and via screen share program so you can watch her navigate through different scenarios right on the computer and ask as many questions as you need.

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