Socialitte is a contemporary brand of street-chic, luxury apparel that is inspired by Pop Culture and Fashion Icons. They are looking to hire THB influencers to promote their line of luxe tees and new products such as blazers, blouses and accessories.


Please include your rate in the application below. Rates will be approved based on following and engagement by the Socialitte team. Please keep in mind, the brand’s budget aligns with an 8/CPM - 10/CPM rate. Rates above 10/CPM will still be considered but are less likely to get approved.

If you have any questions please contact :

If this collaboration isn't for you, don't worry! We'll email you when the next campaign opens up. We have many more brands that want to work with you!

Shipping Address
Shipping Address
Trouble calculating your rate? *CPM rate is cost per thousand followers - for example: 20k followers at 10/CPM is 10 ($10 per thousand followers) x 20 (20 / 1,000’s) = $200*
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