You will be entered into as many giveaways as it takes to reach 7k growth!

+ Increased Instagram engagement and following

+ You'll be entered into a series of "secret giveaways" at a much lower rate than buying individually. We’ll take care of the organizing, you can just sit back and watch your following grow.

+ You do not need to post anything on your feed

+ Third party giveaway hosts are used for this

+ Results vary case by case, however 3 - 4 weeks is the average time it takes to hit 7k+. We try to hit this in 2 - 3 weeks but allow extra time due to giveaway scheduling and budget restrictions.

+ If you choose a payment plan, this can cause delays if giveaways have filled up before a payment comes in or if there is a delay in payment. The payments are calculated to be paid in full within 4 weeks to meet our goals.


PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase the installment option, you are still responsible for making the second installment 10 days after the first payment is made. The program generally takes 3 - 4 weeks to achieve results of 7k+ followers (guaranteed) however, this is not guaranteed if payments are delayed as we require your payment to pay the organizers.

IMPORTANT: Premium giveaways that are listed on the site are not included in this plan however special arrangements and discounts can be applied with the purchase of both. Please email mgmt@thbmarketinghouse.com for more info.