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41 Wildcard curates small collections of home décor and personal accessories.  Many items are 'one of one' or made exclusively for 41 Wildcard through an artist collaboration with brands that they love.  All of their selections are found from places they’ve set foot on the ground. They’ve tracked down local artisans, broke bread with the locals and, ultimately, felt a need to share their beautiful culture.

Note from the Founder:

This is a great brand for lifestyle influencers that enjoy showcasing their home, private spaces, office or have a strong presence of travel content on their Instagram feed.




Apply below for consideration. If selected, 41 Wildcard will gift you one of their pieces and rates will be paid depending on following and engagement.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions as to what would further attract you to this collaboration, we are more than happy to listen. After all, we are an influencer community built by influencers.

Please contact :

If this collaboration isn't for you, don't worry! We'll email you when the next campaign opens up. We have many more brands that want to work with you!

This campaign is now closed